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   Welcome to the Katie Marchetti Memorial Foundation web site. This is dedicated to the memory of Katlyn Marie Marchetti, who perished in an automobile accident on Saturday, March 4, 2006.

   Katie was not wearing her seatbelt that fateful night. Had she been wearing her seatbelt, we firmly believe that Katie would have survived the accident and be with us today.

   Our foundation and all those that have been touched by Katie’s passing are dedicated to bringing awareness to seatbelt usage and keeping all of our loved ones safe.

   Please do your part and make sure that you, your friends, and your loved ones buckle up…every time you step foot into a motor vehicle.

   And remember – always “Click for Katie”!

Katie Marchetti

8/1/2010 - Trying to Move On

UK Seat Belt Video

5/2/2009 - Seat Belt Law Finally Passes

5/21/2008 - Foundation created Click It or Ticket Video

1/10/2008 - Foundation created Public Safety Video

 A Cross Your Heart Promise: Our Cause

The “Cross your Heart Promise” crusade is an initiative to get all of our teenagers to make a promise that they will always wear their seatbelts when riding in a motor vehicle.
Cross it, Click it, Live! It’s that simple.

Interested in wearing a “Cross your Heart Promise” t-shirt or receive other items that communicate this message? Click here to contact the foundation for further details on how you can get a hold of some of these items.

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