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Seat Belts Do Save Lives

From the Tampa Tribune Editorial section - Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Letter to the Editor - by Dianne Ford Sipe - Valrico, Florida

Ever since my 16-year-old granddaughter, Katie Marchetti, lost her life in a recent auto accident, I have asked why. (The driver survived because he wore his seat belt).
No longer can I ask Katie why she chose not to wear her seat belt that evening of March 3.

I now ask everyone I encounter, "Do you wear your seat belt?" Surprisingly, the adults who do not wear their seat belts tell me, "I don't want anyone telling me what
to do!" I thought we blamed the teenagers for being defiant! Yet the teenagers tell me that the "seat belt is uncomfortable," "I forgot" or "I was in a hurry." If we lived
in an ideal world, then rules or regulations to tell us what to do would not be needed. But we live in a very real world full of consequences for our actions.

There is a bill before the House in Tallahassee to enforce the wearing of seat belts. The intent of this bill is not to take away your rights, but to ensure your rights to (a
long and safe) life, (responsible) liberty, and the pursuit of (your daily) happiness. Support that bill. Call Sen. Tom Lee at (813) 744-8683 and Rep. Rich Glorioso at
(813) 757-9110 now!

Seat belts do save lives. Katie would still be with us if she had worn her seat belt that fateful night.


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