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In Katie’s Words:
What I am Grateful For

Written during her sophomore year for an English class

    “Hey Katie, how was your day at school?” my mom asked with an enormous smile on her face. “Good mom” was my response everyday and I would wonder why she asked me that exact same question everyday without even looking one bit annoyed, or getting the same answer everyday. Although I may not full realize it, my mom asked me it only because she cared to know how my life is going. There are some children out there whose parents will actually just leave them at home for days. I should really try to work on not taking everything for granted, although my parents do a lot for me, I should be more thankful. For instance, I think my parents aren’t cool when they say no but they only say so because they care. They also support me in every way possible and that I have such a luxurious life compared to the less fortunate. Last, and most importantly, I have such an open and close relationship with them because they always understand me and never judge me.

    “Mom, but why can’t I because everyone else is allowed to?” is the usual question I ask my mom just about every weekend. Her usual answer is; “Because you are not like everyone else and it is only because I care about you.” Even though in my mind I sometimes get mad and think that the only possible reason she is saying no is just to make me furious. But, I know in my heart that she is saying no only because she cares. It all boils down that I am thankful that my mom does say no, because I know that it would be so much easier for her to say yes so you could do whatever, just to get her back.

    I dread going to math tutoring every Thursday. I mean who would want to go to tutoring after a long day of school. But, then I think I had almost all A’s last year because of tutoring. My parents got me a tutor just to better me. Overall there are so many things my parents do for me. They only want the best for me. Actually, this past summer they helped me redo my room. Not only did they help me with my room, but they also paid for it. My parents support me in every way possible from clothes to tutoring. Most of my friends tell me that they are so jealous of how close I am with my parents. I honestly tell my parents everything. My mom and I have such a close relationship that we can literally sit in the car for three hours and talk. The wonderful part about talking to them about everything is that they have never and will never judge me or think I’m not cool if I make a mistake. They give me advice for any problem and make me feel better about the situation. I am very grateful to know that my parents will be right by my side when I’m going to college, getting married or even turning fifty.

    Therefore, I have come to realize that when my mom says no, I should remind myself that every thing I have in my room from my clothes to even my trash can my parents bought for me. Most of all, every bit of advice my parents have given me is right although I may think, why should I listen to them? They only want what is best for me. I am so incredibly grateful for the loving parents that I have.

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